What makes Argan oil so special?

What is in the argan oil?

The argan oil is an incredibly combination of active ingredients and nutrients. It contains between 80-90% unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil is more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. Fatty acids have important roles in the body as building blocks for cell membranes and also affect the fluidity of the cells and they help to prevent moisture loss from the skin. All vegetable oils naturally include Vitamin E (tocopherol), but argan oil is particually rich in this important anti-oxidant vitamin, having twice as much as olive oil. The E vitamin strengthens capillary walls, prevent cellular ageing, preventing moisture loss and dryness. The argan oil contains carotenoids, which are powerful antioxidants, they protect skin from harmful UV. The squalene helps to transport other nutrients into the skin, helps retain moisture and it beneficial to mature skin, helping to keep its soft and firm. Steols from argan oil are anti-inflammantory, anti-ageing and help repair damaged skin and hair. They penetrate the skin quickly whilst encouraging new collagen production. The unroasted argan oil also know as cold-pressed or extra-virgin argan oil, it is the only grade suitable for cosmetic use. No heat or chemicals are used in the preperation of raw argan oil and its properties and nutritive content remain unchanged.